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The online coaching format is similar to the AHP, though because we are working remotely, the hours focus more deeply on guiding and educating you through a high level program based on a series of integrative assessments and thorough evaluations of the intentional work we do together, all designed around your goals and desired outcome. 

The program covers training (with schedules and videos), stretches, diet, nutrition and lifestyle , an advanced holistic health report with marked action items, and heavily connects each of these to the integration of your psyche. We address mental, emotional and spiritual challenges and reveal the interrelations of those to each part of your program. 

You will learn:

*how to fine-tune your diet based on your own bio individual needs, and how to recognize those in yourself as they change continually to external stimuli
*how to modify your own training and exercise program so it authentically reflects who you are, what you love, what you enjoy, and what you want to accomplish
*how to reverse (and prevent) pain, injury, weight gain, depression, anxiety and other health symptoms holistically
*how to manage 5 types of stress and their negative impacts on your health and performance
*how childhood imprinting, past traumas and social/cultural conditioning has created conscious blind spots to your awareness; and how to see past these blind spots and transform them
*your personal Myth and Hero's Journey, and how you can use this vision as a drive towards your goals
*what your specific archetypes are, and how to use this information to disrupt the patterns of saboteur masquerades that don't belong to you.
*how to balance your goals in all parts of your life by developing a 3-part model that is successful in 100% of our client programs
*metaphysical correlations to physical symptoms
*how to strengthen your conscious awareness and continually improve the accessibility to your higher states of receptivity 
*... and so much more, it all depends on you!