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Advanced Health & Performance Program


The Advanced Health & Performance program utilizes the highest level of clinical orthopedic assessments worshiped by professional athletes and sports teams.

These assessments provide you with a map to your entire physical and metaphysical bodies while integrating each system to maximize therapeutic outcomes, as well as fitness, performance and health goals.

For sports conditioning, body comp goals, health and emotional wellness goals, that would mean the integration of exercise, nutrition, cognitive-behavioral and mind-body techniques as well as neurosomatic therapy and soft tissue work for anatomical correction and balance..

This program provides a
*consultation scheduled on-site, by phone or skype
*comprehensive health and wellness assessment
*the highest level orthopedic physical assessment (PIRA) (2x3hrs)
*6 weekly appointments for training and follow ups, re-evaluations, assessments and program advancement
*manual therapy such as massage, NST, reflexology and energy work.
*Your custom exercise program will be designed as a weekly schedule that will allow you to watch videos, track your progress, and print handouts during non-appointment training and activities

*All added time & services requested within the duration of the program are subject to additional charges.