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(HLC) Holistic Counseling: 12hrs

$2400.00 per month for 3 months

**All coaching and counseling packages begin with the "Onboard", which establishes every new client or couple with an interview (20 minutes), remote/online assessments, and an evaluation to get started with the first appointment (1 hour).

All following appointments are pre-scheduled and can be followed online with the customized holistic guides and work discussed in sessions, and are assigned to each client or couple's personal and private online portal.

There are a total of 8x1-hr appointments, spaced out between 12-24 weeks depending on your needs or preferences, and they can be done in person or remotely.

3 hours are held and reserved for emergencies and for remote support (email and text in between appointments, which is encouraged).

Q-4 coaching refers to the four quadrants of a holistic approach to health, happiness, stress management and conflict resolution

Intensives are a 3-month or 6-month program to help individuals and/ or couples overcome chronic health issues, mood disorders, disease, addiction, and obesity.

Work and self-paced exercises are given to clients to complete and practice in between appointments and are necessary to accomplish the goals of the program.

Exercises are taught and guided to help identify conditioned beliefs and social, cultural programming that can be the root causes of dis-ease and conflict.

Appointments are offered via phone or Skype remotely, or 1-1 in person and are pre-scheduled at the start of the program