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Mastery of M.E. Program: 10 hrs

$2000.00 per month for 2 months

What you will learn and master:

-full understanding of your health risks based on all 12 systems of the body
-identify the priority markers to begin making changes
-you will be able to design your own goals based on an integrative system that helps you to identify and integrate your core values, needs, beliefs and ultimately, your dream. This is what motivates you, and 99% of our clients are unable to identify this without intensive coaching.
-how to grow spiritually and evolve into your soul’s purpose
-how to identify and untie the knots of conditioned beliefs and manage stress to overcome anxiety and limiting thought patterns that often sabotage your goals
-how to create an exercise and movement program based on your own bio-individual needs and requirements, as well as your own preferences and budget
-how to create and follow a nutrition plan that tailors to your dietary needs at any given time, as they are always changing – and how to identify when those changes are needed
-you will learn and practice various recovery methods to restore energy in the body and heal or correct health problems and injuries.
-full understanding of your own chemistry, your hormones, digestion and circadian rhythm- and how to apply that knowledge into your ever changing needs as you grow healthier
-These Intensives are a 3-month or 6-month wellness programs to help individuals and/ or couples overcome anxiety, depression, various mood disorders, and addiction.
-Work and self-paced exercises are given to clients to complete and practice in between appointments and are necessary to accomplish the goals of the program.
-Exercises are taught and guided to help identify conditioned beliefs and social, cultural programming that can be the root causes of dis-ease and conflict.
-Appointments are offered via phone or Skype remotely, or 1-1 in person and are pre-scheduled at the start of the program

*Payment plan options available*