Holistic Health, Performance & Transformational Life Coaching

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$400.00 per month (ongoing)

From chronic pain, autoimmune disease, stress, weight issues, hormone imbalances to anxiety, depression, and addiction to intimacy & relationships, trauma release, work-life balance – to simply wanting to level up physically or spiritually -this is the road that takes you there!

By maintaining a connection with others who share the vision to accelerate awareness
& join our live online coaching, you will:

-achieve a gradual inner awakening that fortifies a higher standard of conscious awareness in all aspects of your life.

-create a conscious awareness around your thoughts and emotions by maintaining alignment with your values and highest self. You will become the source of strength and inspiration to others during challenging times and crisis because you are grounded and centered.

-learn how to think and plan ahead so you can be proactive and self-sufficient during these times. We will provide an abundance of resources to assist you with accessing healthy food, gardening, sustainability practices, EMF protection, the latest information on im*unizations, and anything that interrupts our liberties to make choices in these areas.

-learn techniques for relaxation and meditation, and how to use creative visualization as a tool to achieve your goals and balance decisions.

-experience the alignment of health and performance with harmonious relationships & occupational fulfillment because your authentic expression flows naturally through all of your bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

3 Modules explored each week: ENERGY, ELEVATION & EXPANSION

I. Energy: in what ways do you choose to energize your body, mind and spirit? In what ways do you unconsciously rob your body, mind and spirit of vital energy?

II. Elevation: in what ways do you choose to elevate your conscious awareness through practices that fortify your health, performance & relationships and build ideas, inspiration and strategies supportive to your dream? In what ways are you unconsciously robbing yourself of these opportunities?

III. Expand: in what ways do you choose to expand and interconnect your awareness on all consciousness levels, arouse deeper insight and explore your personal life philosophy and relationship to the universe and All? In what ways do you compartmentalize this and avoid integrating this into other areas of your life?

It takes courage to explore all levels of consciousness and integrate each of these into the true expressions of our BE-ing in all areas of our life, and often it takes a lifetime of practice and that is why we are here! No one person is right or wrong. Our purpose is to guide you through the complexities, polarities and dualities that create beauty and love.

Each module includes 90-minute coaching 2x a week. If you miss the calls for any reason, they will be recorded and you can play them back. Exercises, resources and assignments will be provided and discussed during each call to reinforce consistent acceleration forward. These can be discussed and reviewed in the private online community forum through honest communication, support and accountability.

The purpose of this coaching IS NOT passive. You will need to do the work and you will be accountable for it.

We are tribal in nature. We cannot maintain acceleration without a tribe and culture that energizes and inspires the reality that we are creating. This is why community, and connection to those with a shared purpose, is critically important.

It is a critical time for us remain rooted in our purpose and connected to the world so we can deliver in ways that we know we are meant to help and serve.

We are offer now offering online coaching at 12 hours per month for $400 (normally a minimum at $3000).

Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions to get started, a link to your private portal with temporary password, an invite to the community forum as well as a few health assessments to complete online which will mark the beginning of your journey.