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Performance & Injury Risk Assessment (PIRA)


The PIRA is for those who want to maximize their performance potential by establishing a high level understanding of weaknesses and imbalances within all systems of the body that could be limiting their physical achievements and, more importantly, putting them at risk for injury and impending pain challenges.
This assessment also greatly benefits anyone who is experiencing chronic pain, injury, re-injury or post-operative challenges and would like to reverse and heal distress in the body or speed recovery.

This is an advanced level orthopedic physical assessment for posture, pain and performance to assess risk and design preventative programming modalities. The assessment takes up to 4 hours, sometimes more, which can be done all at once or split into 2-3 appointments. It covers:

-infant movement pattern assessment and the application of infant development exercises as a foundation for Primal Pattern® movements.

-a holistic, integrated model of Primal Pattern® movement assessments and application of the science of biomechanics and kinesiology to

-advanced postural assessments and functional training technique evaluations

- goniometric assessments of posture and relevant joint range of motion.

-effective patient screening, ruling out any red flags through careful examination of medical history, orthopedic assessment, and length/tension assessment

-comprehensive, full-body assessments of your key biological systems.

- evaluation of effective spinal and core stabilization.

-orthopedic assessments of the cervical, temporomandibular, shoulder regions

- comprehensive emotional and cognitive-behavioral interview of patient to map interrelations of immobility, pain and injury

- use of the Chakra system to tie in all interrelations with meridians, glands, organs and the musculoskeletal system

- study and review of all HAQ risk scores, medical history, diet and lifestyle, current symptoms and injuries