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Women's Advanced Programming


Advanced programs for women are custom designed for each woman to help them address hormone imbalances, chronic health conditions, pain and recovery after childbirth and managing their health through various changing seasons of her life. Women are equal- but different in every way, and Sara Gustafson is an expert in programming each woman based on her unique hormone blueprints and guiding them through proven steps to balance every role she juggles in life.

Women’s programs:
-consultation scheduled on-site, by phone or skype
-Includes the Integrative Health & Performance Appraisal in addition to comprehensive, full-body assessments of your key biological systems.
-Evaluation of effective spinal and core stabilization.
Orthopedic assessments of the cervical, temporomandibular, shoulder regions (onsite)
-Comprehensive emotional and cognitive-behavioral interview of patient to map interrelations of immobility, pain and injury
-a nutrition plan that tailors to your dietary needs at any given time, as they are always changing – and how to identify when those changes are needed
-you will learn and practice various recovery methods to restore energy in the body and heal or correct health problems and injuries.
-full understanding of your own chemistry, your hormones, digestion and circadian rhythm- and how to apply that knowledge into your ever changing needs as you grow healthier
-Use of the Chakra system to tie in all interrelations with meridians, glands, organs and the musculoskeletal systems
-Study and review of all HAQ risk scores, medical history, diet and lifestyle, current symptoms and injuries
-Integration of individual spiritual development, conscious awareness, investigating archetypes and core language
-Onsite or remote appointments for training and follow ups, re-evaluations, assessments and program advancement
-Manual therapy such as massage, NST, reflexology and energy work.
-Your custom exercise program will be designed as a weekly schedule aligned with your hormone cycles to enhance intuitive awareness and maximize natural peak performance
-Your program will allow you to watch videos, track your progress, and print handouts during non-appointment training and activities